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breakfast MILCH CAFÉ BAR   until 11.30



the canadian: waffle, bacon, fried eggs, maple syrup     25

berry: waffle, berry compote, vanilla ice cream, maple syrup   23

for the fusspot: waffle, ice cream, maple syrup  20


gluten free pancakes: berry compote, ice cream, fresh berries, maple  25

All brekkies below served with bread and spinach, gluten free available  $2

avocado smash: avocado, danish fetta, fresh mint, cherry tomato, poached eggs, dukkah 25

(this dish contains nuts)   (veg, v available)

zucchini & corn fritters: poached eggs, relish, fresh spinach, cherry tomato, parmesan, (v, gf)  25

morning glory: boston beans in paprika tomato sauce, spinach, fried eggs, fetta 25

 (FODMAP, veg, v available)


milch moment: poached eggs, bacon, spinach, hollandaise   25

atlantic milch: poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach, hollandaise   25

eggs on toast:  as you like ‘em with spinach 17

poached, fried ,  scrambled (v) 18

bacon & eggs: on toast, eggs as you like them, with spinach 22

poached, fried,  scrambled   23

fruit toast: butter, jam  (veg, v) 10

plain toast:  (veg, v) 8

choice of condiments, peanut butter, vegemite, honey, jam


breakfast rolls Served on a soft damper bun, gluten free available ($2)

the BNE: bacon, fried egg, cheese, bbq sauce (or tomato) on a damper bun   14

salmon roll: smoked salmon, fried egg, cheese, aioli, spinach  15

veggie egg: fried egg, spinach, cheese, aioli   (v) 12


the breakfast burrito: bacon, fried egg, melty cheese, hash brown, bbq sauce  16

veggie burrito: spicy boston beans, egg, cheese, spinach, cheese, hash brown 16  (v, vegan avail)

veggie loaded: spicy boston beans, egg, cheese, spinach, cheese, hash brown, fetta   18


ice cream, extra egg  3    hollandaise, homemade tomato relish, gluten free  2

bacon, fresh tomato, spinach, hash brown (2), fetta   4

avocado, spiced beans beans  5

smoked salmon, chilli truffle mushrooms 6

shoestring fries  12         stinky fries   14

please no separate accounts

lunch from 12-3pm  TAKEAWAY AVIALABLE  

BURGER LAND   25    all served with shoestring fries

Served with shoestring fries, hot sauce, gluten free available

*wagyu cheeseburger, brioche bun, bacon, house relish, pickle, double cheese

*smoky chicken burger, bacon, cheese, slaw, greens, chipotle aioli

*mexicana madness, pumpkin, sweet potato, quinoa, chickpea, corn, coriander pattie,

hommus, cheese, pickle, chipotle aioli, slaw (veg, V)

vegan option also available


curry   25

check the daily specials and the drinks cabinet for takeaway specials


PU L L E D  P O R K 
slaw, tomato, corn, chipotle aioli

F A L A F E L ( V E G A N A V A I L A B L E ) 

slaw, tomato, corn, chipotle aioli

F I S H Y  F I S H Y 

beer battered whiting, hash brown, cheese,tomato, aioli
chargrilled chicken, cheese, tomato, chipotle

C H A R G R I L L E D  C H I C K E N 

chargrilled chicken, cheese, tomato, chipotle

S T I C K Y  B B Q  J A C K F R U I T ( V E G A N )
made with the same marinade as the pulled
pork, tomato, candied pinapple and corriander


C H I C K E N  B U R R I T O
chargrilled chicken thigh, tomato, cheese,
spinach, chipotle aioli 

P U M P K I N & F A L A F E L  B U R R I T O
roasted pumpkin, falafel, hommus, spinach,
tomato, zucchin




beer battered whiting, summer salad, fries, mayo

SUMMER  S A L A D ( G F , V , V E G A N  A V AILAB L E ) 2 5

milch made falafel, roasted beetroot, pumpkin, zucchini,
fetta, tomato, dukkah (contains nuts)

add chicken 7

V E G G I E  S P R I N G  R O L L S 1 5

deep fried, naughty, delicious

M A M A ' S N A C H O S 2 5

spiced boston beans, avo smash, sour cream,jalapenos, cheese

pulled pork, asian slaw


SHO E S T R I N G  F R I E S, milch mayo   13
S T I N K Y F R I E S, garlic, chilli, parmesan   15

dinner   from 6p



artisian crusty bread with olive oil, bush dukkah  (v)(gf avail)  10

*this dish contains nuts*


pan fried saganaki, lime  14  (gf, veg)


very naughty veggie spring rolls, deep fried, delicious  15  (v, veg)


marinated kalamata olives, tomato and feta   10 (v, veg, gf)


pulled pork bao buns, asian slaw   18




tom yum soup, vermicelli noodles, snow peas, tomato, mushroom, asian salad  25  (v, veg, gf)

add pan fried atlantic salmon  35  (gf)


wagyu double cheeseburger, bacon, house relish, pickle, double cheese, slaw, greens

shoestring fries and hot sauce 25   (gluten free available)


 summer salad, falafel, roasted pumpkin and beetroot salad,

shredded zucchini, tomato, toasted seeds, fetta, 25 (v, veg avail, gf)

add smoky paprika chicken  7  (gf)


chargrilled scotch fillet, mash, greens, garlic butter  40  (gf)


slow roasted lamb shank, mash, greens  38


hand made gnocchi, napoli sauce, shaved parmesan, spinach, truffle oil  35 (v, vegan avail)


milch parma  30

panko crumbed chicken breast, napoli sauce, champagne ham, melty cheese

fries, salad   



chicken skewers, fries and salad  14   (gf)

fish n chips and salad  14

macaroni bolognaise  14



sticky date pudding, toffee sauce, vanilla ice cream  15

milch mess, berry compote, meringue, cream, sorbet  17  (gf)

lemon tart, berries, ice cream  17

white chocolate and pecan pie, chocolate ganache, ice cream 17

apple crumble, toasted almond and macadamia crust, vanilla ice cream, maple  17


sundaes: 2 scoops ice cream   6  (gf avail)

topping of your choice: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel, banana


home made honeycomb, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce 12  (gf)