10 days of....

And so began the preparation. To make sure our areas were as defensible as possible. We had already undertaken fire hose training, followed the CFA booklet on home preparation, removed all flammable materials where possible and of course the mental downfall fo knowing that Falls Creek and the entire Kiewa, Ovens and King Valleys were losing their amazing summer trade.

It was a bit of a rollercoaster as the fires came closer, Kimmi ended up with a bout of gastro and Jaye drove her off the hill and came back up. Soon to be rejoined by Burty and a healthier Kimmi, we all set to helping to prepare for the second round of fires edging closer. With another evacuation order in place, we helped to hurridly secure a building site, clear some areas of high grass, leaves, unblock drains and remove built up dead wood.

Luckily, the rains came and the fires were more manageable for all the amazing people doing their best to contain them


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