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Spring has sprung in the mountains

After a generous snowfall with no-one but the locals and seasonaires to share it with, we are looking forward to reopening the gates on Sept 14. Alas, it still doesn't change the fact that the lifts will not turn again for the 2020 season. But we will be so excited to see people.

Not even our locals from Mt Beauty and the Kiewa Valley have been allowed up to enjoy the serentiy and the beauty. It truly has sent our business into the doldrums. But we are still here, still trying to make it work.

Entering springtime, you can look forward to some Father's Day packs appearing and some more gift orinented packages for the lovely people in your lives.

We are also bringing more foodie stuff into the mix. More vegan and gluten free based treats, a range of spiced salts to rub into the veggies, meats and fish. Our famous Mountain Dukkah has already made it into the online shop, perfect for over salads or avocado smash.

We hope you like the new offerings and thank you again for the continued support.

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