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What happens now?

Depression and some fear was starting to creep in.

Our summer trade has gone from strength to strength. More athletes, more mountain bikers, more people discovering the sheer beauty of the mountains in the summer time, more campers, more hikers, more motorbikers. Everything, more and more each year.

And Milch, learning more and more each year.

All gone.

January is a heavy month financially, insurance falls due, the first round of council fees and body corporate rates, of course the fridge, coffee machine and dishwasher had all decided to break at the same time too, Murphy's Law right?

But some light at the end of the tunnel, @spendwiththem and @emptyeskys pushing hard the message to return to fire affected areas. So we got on board.

Our brownies have launched their online presence and people have been amazing. It's a slow trickle. But it is happening. A new website which you can now visit, an online store that opened today (I wonder if it works) and a whole new idea for business.

Honestly, it was more the idea to help us get rid of excess food in the coolroom. It was hard over the days of closure to watch food slowly rot. To watch beautiful food get thrown away never to be eaten. And the quietness of the town was deafening. So we did what we could.

And here it is. This is us, this is Milch, trying to maintain a positive spin on what is mentally and financially very painful.

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