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Winter, where did you go?

What a wild ride this winter has been. Snow, no snow, lifts open, lifts closed, business open, business locked down. And through it all, we have been here and you have been too.

This is without a doubt the most challenging business scenario an owner could face. The economice climate being dictated to you, rules and regulations to adhere to and restrictions like nothing we have ever seen before.

Firstly, thank you so much for all of your support. For the nice messages, the kind words, the encouraging smiles. It has been and continues to be a huge heartache. Our beautiful mountains are empty, the village like a ghost town and our guests, friends and lovers locked away and out of reach.

Our Milch Made has been expanding, our Milch baked treats family grows a little more each time, we have four different types of brownies now and will welcome a fifth in the near future. Our famous relish and dukkah will soon make an appearence and some of our seasonings are on their way too.

Candles are being mel

ted and are curing ready for sale. They smell delicious and look very snazzy.

This little online business is the driving force keeping Milch open and running. Every sale we make online makes a huge difference. You wouldn't believe it. And with the second round of level 3 Lockdown, it matter so much. So again, thank you for ordering, telling your friends, getting your local cafe to order a bulk batch of brownies. It is all helping.

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