Hand Sanitiser and Hand Cream Bundle

Hand Sanitiser and Hand Cream Bundle

Hand santiser and hand cream bundle. When you can't get to the tap for the old soap and water, these little guys will have you covered. 80% so pretty strong. It's not meant to be beautiful, it just needs to work. Mix it up with our uplift hand cream for when your hands start to scream out for more moisture!

Hand sanitiser 200ml spray and 80g Uplift Hand Cream

isopropyl alcohol, hydroxybenzoates, diazolidinylurea,
potassium sorbat, sodium benoate, Aloe barbadensis miller,
Citrus Limon*(lemon), Mentha Piperita* (peppermint),
Eucalyptus Radiata* (eucalyptus),
Cedarwood Atlas Cedrus Atlantica* (cedarwood)
*denotes certified organic


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