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Bushfires and Beer

Well this is a curveball isn't it. First the bushfires, then the coronavirus. Fun times for everyone. We were just starting to get back onto our feet after the Fires. Peaks Challenge from Bicycle Networks filled up Falls Creek on the long weekend in March. We were so happy and grateful to see all the smiling faces. It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Our staff took the following weekend off as the boss lady collapsed in a heap. The pure effort it took to get to that weekend, to make it a success and get some much needed $$ in the bank had taken its toll and she needed to lie down.

The week after, coronavirus was making itself known and we rushed staff coming to a close in the summer contracts to other states for fruit picking and farmwork. They made it just before the borders closed and are safely ensconsed in their new surroundings. Those still here have been adapt at finding agricultural work nearby as Milch trading has ground to a slow crawl.

We are literally making less than 20 coffees a day now. Our online sales are the only thing really holding the place together now. So every order is heaven sent.

We have been baking brownies and the hand sanitiser sells out everytime we manage to make a batch of it. Interesting what our lives have to come.

It has been nice to take stock of the business and have a look around. Some areas have already got a deep clean and fresh paint in the hopes that the snow season will roll around as, well not usual, but will still at least roll around. Some new products are on their way and we hope that everyone stocks up for Mother's Day.

We hope that you are all staying snug at home, enjoying the quieter times and looking inwards at what changes will take place in your own lives in the next few months and into the future. We hope they include brownies and Milch smiles.

Be Safe xxx

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