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Mountain Gin Arrives

Well it's been a rough old season. Full of stops and starts. Worse than Melbourne in a traffic jam. The snow continues to fall, but alas, so do the lockdowns.

Currently wedged into lockdown 7, but the website is up with some new products including the launch of our sister company "The Mountain Gin Company"

We have been toying with this idea for well over a year now and in lockdown 5, it became a reality. Our boss lady had been in Adelaide in May playing with the still and many botanicals and finally came up with a blend she liked. And thus, "Snowflake Gin"was born.

You can preorder yours now from and raise a glass to us when we are all free.

Tastings to start at Milch as soon as the people are allowed back in the door.

Take care of you and yours and we hope to see you all very soon

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